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UPDATED 01/14/21
- Mike, thank you for doing the window sticker for our 1964 GTO. We're extremely happy to have a CORRECT window sticker for our Baltimore built 1964
GTO convertible. The old PHS window sticker was seriously wrong. We will proudly display this window sticker at car shows and will be sending more
business your way soon. (Kurt W. - 1964 GTO convertible)

- Mike, I got them. VERY NICE!!  More than the sticker I really appreciate you helping me find out more facts surrounding this weird Police Package.
(Randy R. - 1965 Catalina)

- I received the window stickers and I’m very pleased with them. Thank you for your quick response to my request. (Paul A. - 1967 2+2)

- I received the window stickers on Thursday, and they look awesome. I can't stop looking at them. It is great to see exactly how much of a difference
there is, not only from the PHS ones that I have, but from year to year and plant to plant. Thank you very much for doing these. (Scott H. - 1969 Grand

- I received both window stickers in the mail yesterday. They look GREAT. (Bruce B. - 1969 Judge)

- Mike - I got the window stickers, THANK YOU! Man they look GREAT, nice job! (Dave C. - 1977 Trans Am)

- Thanks again for your excellent work. The window sticker you created is proudly displayed on my 1965 2+2 and many of the regulars at our local shows
and our POCI show have asked about it. Kudos and keep up the great work. (Paul + Marisa - 1965 2+2)

- Mike, We received the window stickers just fine. No damage in mailing (thank goodness). Just wanted to let you know you do awesome work. I have the
window sticker that PHS did sitting next to yours and its night and day difference. I'm a bit embarrassed that I had the other window sticker displayed for
so long. Its not even close to what its supposed to look like. Yours is dead nuts on. Thank you again. (Daniel - 1970 GTO RAIV)

- Hello Michael, I received my window sticker yesterday and am stunned at your attention to detail. Thank you for your service. Will be recommending
your product and will hand your business cards. (Ron - 1966 GTO convertible)

- Wow! Received the window sticker for my 1971 Trans Am yesterday. I cant believe how wrong my PHS one was that I bought years ago. You've raised
the bar for us Pontiac dudes. (Brad - 1971 Trans Am)

- Just wanted to say thank you for your attention to detail. I've shown my Judge at three shows over the past month and won two best of shows. Many
people have asked about the window sticker. More orders to come! (Mark and Julie - 1969 Judge convertible).

- Hey Mike, the window stickers arrived in the mail today. Thank you so much for explaining all the details. I had no idea there were so many variations in
GTO window stickers depending on where the car was built. (Stuart - 1965 GTO)  

- Mike, thank you for your service! Anyone wanting feedback, I can tell you the PHS window stickers truly suck. They are nothing like the original on my
1970 Judge convertible. I had Mike remake mine to correct PHS errors. Excellent service. (Jason L. - 1970 Judge)

- Hello Mike, I received my window sticker in the mail yesterday and it meets all my expectations for an accurate, authentic appearing, show quality
reproduction. - Jim M. (1968 Firebird 400 RAII)

- Thanks again for the extra effort to provide this excellent product.- Mike did a wonderful job on the window sticker for my Baltimore built 1964 GTO. He
worked tirelessly decoding my documents to properly reproduce the sticker, as Baltimore and KC were Chevy plants that used different numbers than
Pontiac. Looks great and well worth the cost! - Michael (1964 GTO)

- Mike, the window stickers arrived today, great work! Thanks also for the informative instructions as to where to mount the window sticker. Top notch
service! - Kevin (1977 Trans Am)

- Hi Mike, I received my new window sticker(s) in the mail today for the Formula and I am pleased as punch with the quality and accuracy of your
workmanship. - Dennis (1971 Formula)

- Mike, Great detail. I learned a lot during our back and forth. Passing your info on to my friend with a 1964 LeMans. - Daniel (1964 GTO - Kansas build)    

- Window sticker came yesterday and looks great. Thank you for taking the time to explain the error PHS made on the exhaust. - Don (1967 Bird 400).

- Mike, window sticker came today and its perfect. You know yer stuff. - Marco (1965 GTO).

- Awesome work. Thank you again. Trans Am Country members are now well aware of your work. Many people at the TA Nats were talking about the
inaccuracies of the PHS window stickers. You have raised the bar for us TA owners. - Kev (1978 Trans Am)  

- Mike, please post my feedback to your page. PHS window stickers are incorrect. They charged me $50 for the window sticker for my 1964 GTO, and it's
not formatted right. Thank you for your hard work, and you seriously need to raise the price for your services. - Justin (1964 GTO)

- Hello Mike, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I had ordered a PHS window sticker last month for my car and was very disappointed.
It was on the entirely wrong form. They also charged me $50. Your price is far more reasonable, and I highly recommend your work to anyone looking for
a truly correct window sticker. - Steven (1972 Trans Am)

- All I can say is WOW! I had ordered a window sticker for my 1970 GTO through PHS just a few weeks ago, and it looked nothing like my original. I guess
people assume because it's PHS it must be right! Your window sticker was dead on comparing it to my faded original. Thank you for your service, and I
will be recommending you to fellow Pontiac owners. Dennis - (1970 GTO)

- The window stickers arrived today, thank you for your effort to ship them in time, no worries. I must say, they look SPECTACULAR! A job well done sir! I
feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website in a random google image search. Our transaction was enjoyable and informative.
It has increased the quality of showmanship which my father and I strive for when taking out GTO to shows and cruise-ins. I will gladly recommend your
services to all that admire the sticker, sure to be many, no doubt. Thanks again for all the info and great communication throughout the
process. - Dan (1968 GTO)

- I received the window stickers. You did a great job and am very happy with them. Thank you very much! - David (1968 GTO)

- I received the window stickers today. They look absolutely fantastic, super job!! Thanks again , keep up the great work!! - Sean (1970 RAIV GTO)

- Mike, received the window stickers yesterday. They look awesome! Wow what a difference from the incorrect 72 stickers PHS sent with their
documentation. You do a great job and I appreciate the research and hard work you do. Thanks again,  Bob (1970 Trans Am)

- The window stickers are Awesome!  Love the extra details you add to them. I will recommend your services to all Pontiac people I see and meet at our
local car shows. Great job.  Thanks again. - Bill (1968 GTO)

- Got the window stickers today absolutely top quality product, actually like the sleeves they are in.  Top notch stuff. I will get more from you.  I have
another SE I  need one for and my Formula. - Dan (1979 Trans Am SE)

- I GOT IT TODAY!  It looks awesome, thanks again Mike! - Jim (1978 Trans Am)

- Michael, thanks so much for the stickers you did for me on such short notice. Outstanding customer service and they look EXCELLENT! I will tell
everyone I know about you and your fantastic service and product! I thank you, my Judge thanks you! (Greg - 1970 Judge)

- Got mine for my 79 SE and looks amazing, I got 2 of them one for the car and one for the binder. - Dave (79 TA)

- Thanks Mike. I got to show the one you did for my '67 GTO to my parents who were the original owners. They couldn't believe how "real" it looks and
loved seeing it. It's a great addition to my car album. Great work! - Andy (1967 GTO)

- Beautiful, professional job.  I will display at the next AACA show on my GTO & let my friends know that I got it from you, not PHS -
Paul (67 GTO)

- Got 'em today, Mike.  A fine addition to our history documents we are building for each of our cars. Thanks again. Put us down for a reference - Marty
(1970 GTO's)

- Mike, received the window stickers over the weekend.  They look great!  Really professional service you provide.  Thanks so much - Kevin (1968 GTO)

- Hey Mike, I received my window sticker today. You did an outstanding job, I couldn't ask for anything better. It's perfect. Thanks again - Tim (1973

- Hi Mike,just left you a some good feedback on performance years webpage. Thanks again - Craig (1969 Judge)

- Mike - I posted at PY but wanted to tell you personally.  I'm a detail guy, it is in my DNA I guess.  But the Window Sticker just blows me away.  I really
appreciate the effort you put into this.  The level of detail is just outstanding - John (1964 GTO)

- Got the package today with your work and holy crap are those perfect!  Great job.  Sure do appreciate it and I will share it where I can. - Marc (1969

- Mike,  The window stickers came in today!!  Very nice looking.  You did a wonderful job!! - Roger (1965 GTO)

- Just got my window sticker, it looks great. I'll display this weekend at a car show. Also, I'll pass your name around our GTO club - Chuck (1964 GTO)

- Hey Mike!  I just got my window sticker and it looks GREAT!!!  Thanks again, you have a very satisfied customer - Mike (1967 GTO)

- I received my window sticker today.   Truly a high quality product.  I am very pleased with your attention to detail.  Really appreciate offering this
service to the Pontiac community - Mark (1970 GTO)

- Got it! Thanks, looks great! Douglas (1970 GTO)

- Good evening Mike, The window sticker arrived in todays mail........ Really nice finished product !.....No wrinkles or creases from our US Mails handling.
A real pleasure working with you. John (1968 Tempest)

Website Feedback

Thanks Mike got my window option sticker. They kook fantastic, so very happy with the job you did . Will be in touch again soon for my 75 grand lemans .
Thank's Again - Rick (1973 GTO)

Mike, I love it and it looks great. See post 810 at attached PY link. http://www.forums.maxperformanceinc.com/forums/showthread.php?
t=755425&page=41, I also posted it on Unitedf-body.com.  Thanks again for providing this service. Best Wishes. - Bob (1978 Trans Am).

Mike's service is top notch.....I've posted your web site on the facial book, with good responses there too. Thanks again Mike!

Could not be happier with the two window stickers I got. Thanks Mike!!!!!!!!

I just recieved the window stickers that Mike made for my GT-37. They look great! Nice attention to detail Mike. Even the packaging! If you have not had
Mike make one for you you need too.

Big thanks to Mike Noun, the sticker looks great.

Mike, the Window Sticker is AWESOME! '64 Fremont GTO. Thank you. I highly recommend Mike to everybody who would like an authentic appearing
Window Sticker. For you '64 Tempest/GTO guys, you will get the format correct for the Plant where your car was built. Why settle for a generic format? I
was blown away by Mike's attention to detail.

Thanks so much for the window sticker for my 1969 Framingham built GTO Judge, Mike. Its awesome and like the codes for the options which my PHS
sticker didnt have. You did a great job and have a lot of knowledge. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting an authentic window sticker.

Shout out to Mike Noun. Received our window stickers in the mail today. They look great! The cars go to our sons eventually. The stickers will be an
important part of the cars' histories. Many thanks.
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